We had a wide experience working with enterprises in a variety of fields, we offer  innovative technological solutions  in constant actualisation , with the specific answers to each sector.

Knowing the specific needs in each sector, we offer an important solution in each case: an excellent client experience combine with the trademark’s characteristics that made them unique.

Telecomunicaiones v1


Management class of customer for the telecommunications sector.

This sector is identified mostly by its constant change and a competitive market. Customer’s satisfaction is basic for the enterprise’s success in this field. We had a great amount of experience in the externalisation of the customer service’s offered by mobile, cable, IPS, phone service  international providers.

Servicios Financieros v1

Financial Services

Management class of customer for the telecommunications sector.

Institutions such as Banks, insurance companies,  and international financial services, had employed our services to provide costumer’s services and the externalisation of their business process outsourcing (BPO) . We had the experience working in the financial sector which is highly competitive, with very clear politics and specific information management. Our global and local capacity, allow us to give solutions t o the constant changing needs that rule this market.

Farmaceutica v1

Sanity, harmlessness and pharmaceutical quality.

Customer management for health services.

We have a vast experience providing externalisation of business process outsourcing to insurance  and sanity companies leaders in the field; manufacturing sanitary and pharmaceutical materials. In this market with a wide variety of suppliers the customer’s service becomes a differentiating factor of the leading companies.

Fabricantes v1


Provide excellence and innovation in customer service for manufacturers.

Provide excellent customer experience resulting in a decisive and differential factor for companies in the market. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure a first class customer service, with constant attention and the various communication channels currently used.

Entretenimiento v1

Media and Entertainment

We provide outsourcing services to the client for media and entertainment companies.

In this dynamic market of communication and entertainment services that change at a rapid pace with the unstoppable demand from individuals and businesses for a faster, cheaper and better quality service.

We have tools to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, while reducing costs per user. We offer robust systems and multichannel services for outsourcing solutions.

Retail v1


We offer global BPO solutions in customer service for the retail sector.

Consumers choose the provider that offers them more value from a multitude of choices, this puts us in a highly competitive market. Next Contact has a global presence and experience in retail. We are able to meet the needs of consumers, making us a high quality experience in every contact.

Tecnologia v1


Experience and excellence in service for the technology sector.

We understand and solve the challenge of profitability to the technology sector faces worldwide.

We offer you a range of services outsourcing business processes to help you manage the relationship with your customers effectively, aiming to increase loyalty to your brand, ensuring a competitive presence with innovative solutions that transform our contact center a center for revenue generation.

Transporte Turismo v1

Transport and Tourism

We are a first class service, that engage customers loyalty in the Transport and Tourism sectors.

Our market is constantly changing, becoming increasingly competitive, therefore transport companies and tourism recognize the need to minimize operational costs and maintain scalability, our goal is focused on retaining your competitive advantage.

Utilidades v1


The knowledge and experience to maintain competitiveness in the utilities.

To succeed in the utility sector, companies looking to find effective and direct means of communication with their customers.

In Next Contact, we are the leading providers of contact center outsourcing, helping our customers achieve greater consumer loyalty, while improving its responsiveness.